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Virtual Vices

 Virtual Vices - PK 08/141
  Release Date: 12 October 1998
  Limitation: 1000

   Futurescope            15.18
   Virtual Vices          10.44
   Deu Sex Machina        12.54
   Ancient Industry       16.22

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Wolfram Spyra

Starting off with some slow revolving ambient tones that seem to linger in the air. The music starts to turn darker and with a little sense of chaos and fleeting synth squabbles. There seem to be many layers of odd experimental sounding samples. The track seems to be more of a collage of samples rather than a smooth track. By the track title, however, it would seem that maybe that was the intention of the artist. A slight intrusion with the guitar sequence that I did not personally like. It made it sound more of a new age sequence. It is followed by some trancey material and a nice older styled ambient background. Again a switch to some more choppy techno. All ends with a Namlook doodling which does bring the track to a nice close.

Track two opens with a very laid back piece, and a familiar ambient backdrop. The guitar section returns, similar sounding to those in the DSOTM series. The guitar has a jazzy feel as well, and then turns into something more rock oriented sounding. The ambient returns, but still remaining upbeat.

Track three opens up with similar samples at the previous track. This changes into a slow techno montage, the flow of the track is more consistent than its previous. A nice melody which becomes the highlight of the track and cd. The build up brings us into a nice ambient trance peace that is rather bright and heavenly.

The final track blends in some top notch drifting ambient. This tends to be the best track musically. It is a perfect mix of ambient and trance. The perfect ending to an "ok" cd.

(review by jackthetab)

Just got Virtual Vices, and am very impressed. Kuhlman and Spyra manage to create a loose, jazzy atmosphere without disappearing into noodling hell a la JCIV. Only one moment of questionable guitar usage! The last two tracks, _Deu Sex Machina_, and _Ancient Industry_ are also remarkably relaxing, having successfully sent me into napsville twice now!

(review by Andrew Ross)


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