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Miles Apart

 Miles Apart - PK 08/138
  Release Date: 16 March 1998
  Limitation: 1000

   Miles Apart       8.34
   Drop Zone         9.28
   Protein          10.30
   SloDrm           11.46
   10 006            5.45
   Soft CRD          4.57
   Apart             3.48

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Peter Prochir

It unfortunately seems to me Miles Apart is an overlooked and overshadowed album in the FAX catalog. What a disappointment, because this is a really briliant beat-oriented work of Namlook and Prochir. Itís the first collaboration of Namlook with Prochir (better known with his industrial project 'Sielwolf') on the FAX label, but they have known each other for over 20 years and worked together from time to time.

This collaboration is a result quite different from what you might expect and somehow it doesn't sound like FAX at all. Itís a recording with bass filled drum machines and dub rhythms that bubble along infusion with environmental ambient soundscapes, set in the twilight between light and dark.

'Miles Apartí starts off with a loop something like a running machine, when after a few seconds a creaky and mechanical looped drum machine comes in. Then the hats, simple, but nice. The machine changes after two minutes in a dub rhythm and the track is really going to walk. Thereís Namlook with his incredible twisted string, accompanied by some good tones. This is briliant.

'Drop Zoneí begins with a good spacey sample of Mr. Prochir, I think, it does sound like Modula Green. This wonderful background fits very good together with a fast little old-sounded rhythm, that drops in. Again good hi-hats are put right. Itís such a track, where bleaky snare-drums, various breaks and a good bass keep your attention. Believe me even if youíve listened it a hundred times, itís still extremely interesting.

'Proteiní opens with a voice-sample and again a fast but now easier rhythm. Good loops of probably Prochir and a nice easy guitar of Namlook in the background. This is very interesting, all that different snare-drums and hats, very complex. Wow itís quite chaotic!

Than that good bass just like in Drop zone and more voice-samples. After many times listening this song grows on you (it sounds wrong, I know), but itís better every time youíve heard it.

'SloDrmí Wow, again thereís an machine and another one. These soundscapes show you such an cold environmental landscape. Another good mechanical dub-drum machine interupted for a second the atmosphere. Together with deep and dark loops, the machines are added by the drum and the effect is outstanding. Very good. Nothing much to say. Best on the album.

'10 006í Weíve had the long tracks, but in this quite short track thereís just that much. More easy and spacey waves are floating. Very environmental filled with a lot of snare-drums and hats and bass. For the first time a sort of a melodie is played, which conformed good by the whole background.

'Soft CRDí At least thereís Namlook with his beautiful strings, but different this time and even with his structure. After two minutes again a machine loop and a good dub-rhythm. Also new Namlook sounds, two good sort of whistle-melodies make this track quite different to the rest and really good. Perhaps the track ends very quick, only 5 minutes but it says just that much like the other tracks. Everyone who likes Namlook will like this.

'Apartí Nothing much to say. To end the cd, Namlook is taking you regrettably for only 3:48 minutes with his 'apartí atmospheric waves on his synthesizers really to nowhere, but itís relax and chill out, a good end of this work.

I think itís perhaps the best beatoriented album on FAX and like I said an album that doesn't sound like FAX. Everyone is so impressed by Namlook XV, but this is much better, it's really true. After listening to Namlook XV twenty times youíve heard the most of it, but you can listen Miles Apart much more than that, because the tracks change more and are much different from one other. This album is very comlpex. Intelligent walking dub or fast drum machines and yet very environmental, dark and deep loops in the background are incredibly impressive and chill out, while youíre listening. Itís only 54 minutes, just like most FAX albums since that time, but thereís just that much in it, that if youíve listen the whole album, youíve heard more than enough. Thatís all that counts.

Conclusion: briliant beatoriented drum machines with impressive environmental and machine atmosphere in the background.

(review by Ilmar Links)

Seven tracks, ranging 4m to 12m. The common link is some low-end bass activity onto which layers of drum-machine patterns are juxtaposed with bleak, non-intrusive, textural sounds. Apart from the closing track, all are rhythmical: i'd describe the sound as restrained, workman-like Drum'n'Bass music. Sound-a-likes could be Mick Harris + Bernocchis' 'Overload Lady' or the earlier Fax album 'Wechselspannung 2'. Some tracks, especially the fourth, are along the lines of New York Illbient dub-music. Quite a good release from Fax.

(review by [email protected])


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