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Silence III

 Silence III - PK 08/135
  Release Date: 19 January 1998
  Limitation: 2000

   Into the Desert               8.30
   Mirage                        8.27
   A Ship on a Sea of Sand      14.38
   Lost City                     3.20
   Stars                         5.08
   The Bottom of the Ocean      10.57
   Dream Time                    9.28

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

I miss the real VOICE of Silence. While the VOICE does make a few appearances, he tends to be in the background most of the time, whispering. I prefer the up front VOICE of "Omid/Hope" and "Life / Death". Here's a breakdown:

1. Into the Desert - Think "Shutov Assembly" + a great Arabian trumpet/sax (or whatever it's really called) solo wailing over it. The best on the album, IMO.

2. Mirage - Slow string ambience a la "Life/Death", plus a few sci-fi phaser blasts and whooshes thrown in for good measure. Obviously shorter than "Life/Death", so not as much building up. It's just more or less there. Still good though.

3. Ship on a Sea of Sand - This is almost like taking a single element from a number of Silence songs and combining them together. Minimal ethnic percussion, spicy sounds, and just a bit of the VOICE thrown in for good measure (sounds like samples from "Life/Death" thrown in with the whispering).

4. Lost City - Lush string interlude. I like.

5. Stars - The VOICE shows up in the background again. Another "Life/Death" edit.

6. Bottom of the Ocean - OK... this is where we flash back to "Omid/Hope". Looped, not-as-constantly-there strings, the cool high-pitched analog synth solo over the string section loop.

7. Dream Time - Minimal single-keyboard noodling.

So, on a scale of 1 to 10, where both Silence I & II are 9's, this one gets a 7.5 (0.75 off for lack of originality, 0.75 off because the VOICE whispers and therefore lacks the sheer PRESENCE that he had on the first two).

(review by Damon Capehart)

Listening to Silence 3 now for the first time (suddenly all the Fax is plopping through to my local shops). Listen to it with the bass turned up (or down, depending on your equipment ;) Very nice, more incomprehensible vocal samples (far better than Silence 2's "What is... time?" IMHO), lots of big chords and bass, and african style drumming. I'm back into Fax all of a sudden! I'd been experimenting these past few months... forgive me...

(review by Ben Jefferys)


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