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Pete Namlook/Hubertus Held

 Pete Namlook/Hubertus Held - PK 08/131
  Release Date: 5 May 1997
  Limitation: 1000

   Pepperbeef                       6.06
   Hey Leroy                        5.37
   It's Gonna Be Alright            5.57
   Part of the Scene                6.14
   Oscar (Final Edit)               4.30
   Global System (Legal Edit)       6.51
   Drug Oriented                    5.07
   Missing You                      6.54
   Lakeshore Drive                  5.13
   I've Learned the Code            5.13

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Hubertus Held

Well, whaddya know ? Good house exists. Funk, house, trance AND chill-out, to be exact! Although the album is a compilation of tracks with a spread of styles, it all hangs together very well. These two guys have a good spacey-funky style. What have we got - Pepperbeef, a good dancey, housey track with a character of clubby chords, catchy rhythms and funky sax. Hey Leroy is excellent - housey voice-samples with some killer funky guitars (great guitar solo-ing - no kidding here!) and chilled dance chords. It's Gonna Be Alright is very nice feel-good house, with typical Namlook space-techno touches. Part Of The Scene is good solid techno/trance combined with funky/house in a surprisingly successful way. It's weird and wonderful to hear the housey rhythms and samples breaking into spacey Namlook synth and rhythms and back again. Oscar is a spacey dance piece - with clubby piano chords, trance/house rhythms and chirpy synth. Global System is a brilliant trance/techno track!, a little like the sixth track on 1-Year Dance, but much better. It is FAX trance at it's best - driving bass lines, spacey synths and chirpy chords. It breaks down into the next track nicely, called Drug Oriented, which is a beatless chill-out spacey piece, like 4-Voice's Intro and Outro. This track, and the next one are ambient B-Side affairs. You know, those lovely naive spacey chill-out fillers in the vein of the Definitive Ambient Collections. Missing You (which I previously knew as Sequential - Sequenchill) is a spacey piece - echoey voice calling "Atmosphere", space-synth chords, chirpy synth effects, squeaky synth chord, and later on - some guitaring. Lakeshore Drive is a beatless easy-listening piece - synth, rambling guitar (like that Dark Side of the Moog 4 track towards the end of the album) and saxophone. I've Learned The Code starts as a soft rhythmic tribal piece with a dubby and house feel building later (reprising ideas from Hey Leroy).

If you like good dance/clubby music with funky and spacey angles....heck if you like having a good time, get it! This is the best dance CD I've heard on FAX, thus far.

(review by eddY)


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