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Namlook XI

 Namlook XI - PK 08/113
  Release Date: 22 April 1996
  Limitation: 2000

   Passing Airwhales      54.49
    Whale I - XI

  music composed by Pete Namlook

Starts off in a rather experimental fashion, it changes to some typical deep spacey Namlook chords, highlighted with some bass tones. Although in my opinion, the bass tones could have been a little more prevalent in the music. Another point of interest in this album is that the progression of the cd is rather quick.

Track three starts off sounding like it is bringing in the morning sunrise. It slowly expands into a more serene track. It glistens in the sunlight, reaching out over the cold ground. The chords take on a deep track that seems to hover around you.

Namlook has a thing for quirky samples, and track four would not disappoint. The samples are more technoy than ambient, but sound nice in this album.

Our first taste of some real beats. The beats are more on the "breaks" side. Again, the bass is present, but this time it makes itself noticed. Namlook would be one of the few artists to make such chaotic and strange samples work with an album. The beat becomes very entwined with the samples.

some classical music samples are a nice touch in track five.

track six brings us back to some of the break beats. Fast and full of paranoia, the track twists and turns in a pleasantly psychotic manner. 2:41 into the track, the samples are among my fave.

track seven and eight quiet ambient pieces. Track eight is a rather nice added edge to this disc thus far. The pace has slowed down, and there is very little build in this track, yet it does not seem to matter. It remains a very somber piece. One of the better tracks thus far. Seems like a shift in the album.

From there the album seems to be more organized and focused on where it wants to go. The samples build, and make themselves noticed. Superb ambience as track exemplifies.

The beat does come back, and at full force. The beats are more on the dark side. The blend in well with the rest of the track.

the last track again bring back the classical sound to finish the cd off.

one small problem with this album. It seems to lack a sense of direction. Sometimes that is the artists purpose, but in this aspect it does not really work 100%. Track 4 is a big example of this issue.

(review by jackthetab)

Performed outdoors (well, a tent to be precise) "into the sunrise of a clear summer morning" at the 1995 Interference Festival, Passing Airwhales is without doubt the most eclectic in the Namlook live series. It fair brims over with ideas - some familiar, some new - yet all blended and synthesized to perfection. Earnest listeners can spot strands reminiscent of several other PK releases but, these slight returns are subtly integrated and to considerable effect. In fact, what serves to make this one of Fax's most unique releases is the presence of the avant-garde sitting comfortable alongside the ethereal ... insistent sounds seamlessly inserted into serene, classical passages (which I much prefer to Passion). One of his most evocative works - inside or outside the studio.

(review by Paul Milligan)


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