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 Elektro - PK 08/109
  Release Date: 11 March 1996
  Limitation: 2000

   Perfect Body      47.06

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Robert Görl

This is fairly hard hitting but great stuff. Those that come fro man industrial background will like the upbeat moments and the spaced out Lassigue Bendthaus style of the quieter tracks really goes some where and keeps you attention. No complaints on this one.

(review by Rowland Atkinson)

industrial like samples mixed into a spacey electronic journey. it builds with a droney loop. track two introduces some histrionic quirky synth samples, followed by a hard older styled techno beat. the beats continue through much of the 15mins. the track fades with some ambient like melodies.

mixing fluently into track three. the ambient tones continue in a drifting manner. the tones turn into some very chilled out ambience. slowing pulling you through space.

track four changes tempo. this track is highlighted with a few synth samples that repeat over an over. the synth samples are rather high pitched. without warning, a hard techno beat intrudes. infectious dance beat (-8:25 is nice).

track five begins with some dark soundtrack samples and mixes into some classic namlook ambient.

much better than anticipated.

(review by jackthetab)

An album that is hardly ever mentioned in Fax circles. The speckled circles of the artwork indicate that the content is a crossover of Hardcore and Ambient. Perhaps it is this that puts many people off, however this collaboration is not half as bad as you may like to think.

Part I - Grinding industrial washes riding atop a low bass pulse. Atmospheric jet engines roar between the speakers. Dark and foreboding. The bass and machinery gradually fade away as a lonely lead synth line starts up.

Part II - The lead disappears as the machinery springs back into life with more purpose. A hi-hat starts to hiss. More percussive elements join the fray until at the three minute mark the kick drum and bass line take over. This then develops into the kind of track normally associated with Fax circa 92-93 but with a more underground feel to it. Hard, dark and yet still quite interesting.

Part III - Some classic, spaced-out ambience and a glowing, peaceful piece of music that is vaguely reminiscent of some of Jochem Paap's 'Vrs mbnt pcs', until four minutes in another old-school bass line is dropped into the mix, but this is something of a red herring as just when you think it is going to turn into something nasty, it all fades back into something rather more subdued.

Part IV - Not really much that can be said about this. Some excellent sub-bass, not very melodic. Hard-hitting machine music that may irritate many, but which I rather enjoy.

Part V - The album ends on an ambient note. Similar in spirit to Part III, with the same other-worldly feel, but a lot more melodic and purposeful.

An interesting album that wears its colours on its sleeve quite literally. It pulls no punches but is certainly worth looking into in my view.

(review by Richard Hughes)


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