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A View to a Chill

 Compilation - A View to a Chill - PK 08/08
  Release Date: 26 February 2001
  Limitation: 2000

   EMC - Instruktion                                            0.09
   Namlook XVI - Entity 2840                                    2.53
   Namlook XV - The Real World                                  7.59
   Namlook XIV - Go No Go (edit)                                9.12
   Namlook XIII - Deadly Mission (Part VI)                      1.52
   Namlook XII - Live at Lovefield Festival (Part X)            3.14
   Namlook XI - Passing Airwhales (Part X)                      5.00
   Namlook Atom - Subharmonic Atoms                             4.46
   Namlook X - Monolith (excerpt)                               7.23
   Namlook IX - The Gate to the Milky Way (excerpt)             4.39
   Namlook VIII - Blow the Fuse (excerpt)                       3.34
   Namlook VII - Subharmonic Interference (excerpt)             4.54
   Namlook VI - The Caves of Cubik (excerpt)                    2.16
   Namlook V - Reality (excerpt)                                2.25
   Namlook IV - Power Supply (excerpt)                          3.38
   Namlook III - Aliens in my Suitcase (Intruder 6)             2.19
   Namlook II - The Dutch Side of the Milky Way (excerpt)       4.21
   Namlook I - Astrogator (excerpt)                             8.46

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

Almost 80 minutes packed with tracks or excerpts from Namlook I-XV, Namlook 'Atom' and EMC (only some intro secs.). I'm a bit disappointed as I expected a more creative handling of the material - if at all, the crossfade between two tracks is only a second or two. Clever layering of tonal and atonal tracks would have been cool, and the exact (reversed) chronological line-up of the tracks doesn't really make musical sense anyway. I prefer to listen to the tracks in their intended context of the original albums. So this release works more as an introduction for Namlook newbies.

(review by Wolfgang Röttger)


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