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The Namlook Collection INamlook I
The Namlook Collection INamlook II
The Namlook Collection INamlook III
The Namlook Collection INamlook IV
The Namlook Collection INamlook V

 Compilation - The Namlook Collection I - MP3 006
  Release Date: 15 September 2003
  Limitation: 500

   Namlook I       69.10
   Namlook II      73.56
   Namlook III     63.01
   Namlook IV      46.35
   Namlook V       62.04

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

This product contains the material of the five earlier releases "Namlook" to "Namlook V". For all of them you find already reviews on this site so I won't comment on the music as such, but instead on the technical aspects.

The music comes on one CD, in form of 5 single mp3-files, together of a size above 700 MB. All of them are flawlessly encoded with the maximum possible quality of 320 kbps constant bitrate.

Therefore you need supporting hardware to make use of this release, be it a computer, a portable MP3-CD player or one of the more modern Hi-Fi stereo systems with according capabilities.

Of course you may also copy the files on some portable MP3 player, preferrably with hard disk, otherwise you might need to downsample the files to a smaller size. There is no Digital Rights/Restrictions Management!

The file names are formed from consequtive numbers plus the track title (like "1 Astrogator.mp3", "2 The Dutch Side of the Milky Way.mp3" and so on).

There are proper MP3 tags, sadly without embedded cover graphics. There is, however, a booklet which shows all the covers and the backs, one per each page. By the way, the tags inform us also that "This is a new[ly] mastered version."

All in all a very much welcomed and innovative product.

(review by Manfred Borzechowski)


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