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The Move D/Namlook CollectionI: Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape
The Move D/Namlook CollectionII: A Day in the Live!
The Move D/Namlook CollectionIII: The Retro Rocket
The Move D/Namlook CollectionIV: The Audiolounge
The Move D/Namlook CollectionV: Wired
The Move D/Namlook CollectionVI: Live in Heidelberg 2001

 Compilation - The Move D/Namlook Collection - MP3 004
  Release Date: 16 April 2003
  Limitation: 1000

   Exploring the Psychedelic Landscape     65.03
   A Day in the Live!                      52.45
   The Retro Rocket                        59.45
   The Audiolounge                         55.43
   Wired                                   67.57
   Live in Heidelberg 2001                 53.20

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and David Moufang

This MP3 collection is a great opportunity for those Fax heads who have missed any in the seris to own the music. But why was Move D & PN 7 - Home Shopping not included?

The CD contains the first six Move D & PN Albums compressed in high resolution MP3 format - encoded between 256-292kbps, so you get over 5 hours of music on 1 CD. The CD will play on your player if its MP3 compatable, otherwise you will have to burn the music onto a CD from your computer. I'm convinced however that there is a loss of quality if you do this, I might be wrong but the CD's I've burned just don't sound quite right on my player.

But overall I'm happy with the CD and with the stand alone albums in the series fetching high prices on Ebay it defintely offers value for money.

(review by Daniel Whitehouse)


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