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10 Years of SilenceSilence
10 Years of SilenceSilence II
10 Years of SilenceSilence III
10 Years of SilenceSilence IV
10 Years of SilenceSilence V

 Compilation - 10 Years of Silence - MP3 001
  Release Date: 12 February 2003
  Limitation: 500

   Silence                       74.31
   Silence II                    73.39
   Silence III                   60.37
   Silence IV                    50.29   
   Silence V                     54.23
   Heaven (original version)     22.58

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook
   Silence, Silence II with Dr. Atmo 

After finally setting aside enough time to do this release justice by listening as intended (from start to finish without break!), I can honestly say that this is one totally essential piece of music history. If you allow yourself to get absorbed by the mood, you come out 5 and a half hours later feeling a totally different person than when you went in. Initially, silence I & II settle you into the disc gradually. The whispers and occasional speech remind you to stay focused. I really started to feel at home from silence III, (track 10 onwards) where a more structured sound becomes apparent. Perhaps this is due to the fact that this is just Namlook from this point, without Dr. Atmo.

I have tried listening to other Namlook series from beginning to end. I already owned silence IV and had always considered it a piece of music in its own right. When put in the middle of this marathon, it takes on a totally different meaning to me. It works fantastically, with the woodwind sounds and ethereal voices uplifting the listener and refreshing the mind.

From track 21 onward a different theme, very spiritual, comes through again pushing you deeper into a state of bliss. The final journey starts from track 26 (Heaven original version) where, by the end, I truly felt as though I was in heaven myself.

It is very difficult to pick highlights from this disc. Turn off your phone, close the curtains, put a 'do-not-disturb' sign on the door and play this piece of music. Its magic. 11/10 ............. oh and DONT fall asleep, its a long slog!

(review by James Buller)


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