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Hearts of Space
Hearts of Spaceexclusive

 Hearts of Space - AW 048 (also PK 08/81)
  Release Date: 15 February 2008
  Limitation: none

   70's Beauty                                    2.28
   With a Medium into Trance (Drop out Mix)       6.14
   Drawn to the Thrill                            5.33
   Sensuality                                     4.33
   Breathe Out                                    6.51
   All About Sensuality                           6.57
   Drawn                                          4.12
   Supervision                                    7.19
   Namhouse                                      17.21
   Namchill                                       6.37

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Pascal F.E.O.S. 
   except 4,7,9,10 by Pete Namlook

Hearts of Space does exactly what it says on the tin, this is, in fact, a really nice excursion into ambient-oriented dance. Nice warm opening track that remains beatless and relatively short. This is followed by the fantastically sampled 'Into trance with a medium' - a crazy snippet which makes a genuinely idiosyncratic background to a nice dance stomper which will get your hoofs swinging. The dance we find here is more detailed and sophisticated than Deltraxx and the ambient tracks are equally more exciting than some of Namlooks early ambience. Its been some time since Namlook grabbed my attention as much as he does on 'Namhouse' - a gently involving track, ambient but punctuated by snips of a beat that builds over its 17 minutes. This disc is definitely on the up-beat - a product of its time but one that lives on!

(review by Rowland Atkinson)


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