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The Dark Side of the Moog VI

 The Dark Side of the Moog 6 - AW 029 (also PK 08/133)
  Release Date: 13 October 2003
  Limitation: none

   The Final DAT      1.04.20
    Part I - VI

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze and Bill Laswell (IV)

It seems like Pete and Klaus want to show here that they are still young enough for 'wild' dancefloor trance music... Three tracks (III, IV, VI) are with straight bassdrum at 150 bpm! On III and VI it doesn't really work in my opinion. Especially III is simply too hectic with too many elements that are too exuberant for my taste or that have no real musical statement... For me the best track of this disc is part IV (with Bill Laswell) that brings together massive subbass, soft chords, cinematic vocals, Pete's Guitar and the micro percussion sounds that Pete introduced on the 'Atom' CD. Whoa! Then there's part V which is epic 24 minutes with no beats but again too many nervous arpeggios elements for nothing. 8 mins would be okay for this track, but not 24!

The first two tracks are good Dark Side of the Moog elegiac style. Part I with cool sound morphing and whispering vocoder vocals. A very ambivalent album with a real unique highlight, two good/average tracks and 40 mins that are not my cup of tea.

(review by Wolfgang Röttger)


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