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The Evolution of The Dark Side of the Moog

 Compilation - The Evolution of The Dark Side of the Moog - AW 023
  Release Date: 15 April 2002
  Limitation: none

   Intro                                           0.12
   I - Wish you were there (excerpt)               3.32
   II - A Saucerful of Ambience (excerpt)         15.01
   III/3 - Phantom Heart Brother                   5.25
   III/4 - Phantom Heart Brother                   6.17
   IV/7 - Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn        2.39
   IV/8 - Three Pipers at the Gates of Dawn        8.45
   V/8 - Psychedelic Brunch                        8.03
   VI/6 - The Final DAT                           10.28
   VII/6 - Obscured by Klaus                       7.57
   VIII/2 - Careful with the AKS, Peter            1.09
   VIII/6 - Careful with the AKS, Peter            8.42

  all tracks created by Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell (IV/8,V/8)

"My name is Robert Moog..."

These legendary words are the start of the latest addition to the DSOTM-series.

As we already know from the "A view to a chill"-compilation, this one is another fine mix of well-selected parts, this time from the whole DSOTM-series. It's a very good compilation for all who missed a few (or even all) DSOTM-discs so far, but, as the "A view to a chill"-mix-up, if you already got the "original moogs", this disc cannot add anything new. Regarding the Namlook-Compilation, this one could have been a good follow-up on the main label, perhaps as "PK08/09". All in all, 78 mins (yes! MORE than 50 minutes!) of classic sounds.

(review by Sven Kössler)


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