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Dreamfish 2

 Dreamfish 2 - AW 020 (also PW 16)
  Release Date: 12 March 2001
  Limitation: none

   Aquarium      24.33
   Caviar        12.03
   Submerge      24.23

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook and Mixmaster Morris

A welcome second serving of Dreamfish, released in 1995. The sleeve informs us that 'This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquariums', which I thought was quite witty.

'Aquarium' opens this journey with a cavernous undersea echoing sound. Ambient techno fx creep in, and melodic blips and bleeps slowly build the track up to become a gorgeous, uplifting but chilled soundscape. Percussive sounds drop in and out, and the whole track has an ambient techno feel, but never going so far as to bring in full beats. This, to me, is exactly what I was hoping for from this album. Totally sublime.

'Caviar' - pickled roe of sturgeon or other large fish. The mood changes to become deep and murky, and a background synth sound which is very similar to 'Fishology' underpins the entire track. A regular, rapid blip/click acts as metronome whilst electronic sounds pattern themselves around the rhythm. I'm not sure what's going on here. Quite experimental and quirky, but fun.

'Submerge' is deep waves of sound washing over the listener, very very soothing. The repeating sound becomes very mesmerizing, entrancing. Melodic blips and bleeps drift in and out over the rhythmic washes. Very difficult to stay conscious. Listening to this track now, in the year 2000, it reminds me of similar pieces by the likes of Sun Electric, Global Communication and probably others, but you have to realize this was recorded in 1994. Anyway, this in no way detracts from it being a superb track.

The guy who sold me this said that he didn't like Dreamfish 1 or 2, and thought that the two styles weren't very complementary. Maybe if you only like the dark, spacier sounds of Fax, then this isn't for you. For me though, this is at least as essential as Dreamfish 1. Cool cover art too.

(review by AdAckBar1972)

The track "Aquarium" is a series of familiar sounds - from a "Silence" album maybe? - mixed into a slightly rhythmic piece. "Caviar" is a piece full of clicking, cackling sounds that reminds one of life underwater during a difficult period (maybe the fish tank filter isn't working?). "Submerge" is the best piece here, a slowly unfolding theme that floats through the depths at length. All in all I like the first "Dreamfish" better but this is a decent collection of sounds and it definitely evokes an acquatic environment.

(review by Scott McFarland)


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