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 Air - AW 014 (also PK 08/54)
  Release Date: 26 January 1998
  Limitation: none

   You      60.00
    1st Impression
    Je suis triste et seul ici
    Spiritual Invocation
    Mystical Appearance
    Chaque ligne de ta peau fut aimée
    Lost in Passion

  all tracks written by Pete Namlook

Air has some wonderful ethereal sounds and, like Dreamfish, leaves me feeling warm during a listening experience. rating: 8/10

(review by Michael Lekas)

Roll-in the Sonic Thunder!

"Wind" foreshadows an approaching musical storm slightly suspenseful. A ceremonial electric tribe ritual fades in as

"1st Impression" begins. Momentary suspension holds you for a few moments and then, a building of Emotion. A gradual lifting for several moments the elevation is sweet and beautiful

"Breeze" is the calm before the storm very short..It is the space between two varied energy masses

"I once stood in a field where I watched a storm front approach and experienced the temperature change over 10 degrees in 5 seconds. this short interlude brought me to this memory" - scout

"Je suis triste et seul ici" continues to elevate with energy inducing mild trance-states. Dream, Wish, and Desire here is the music that allows these desires to manifest. Deep and rich with texture and layer.

"Spiritual Invocation" -- a perfect name Music has gathered around us a perfect space to meditate. Very Powerful Music. your thoughts have greater conviction

Wherever your heart & mind are at this time. they are about to advance and go through acceleration Here we GO!!!

"ARC" -- Exponential Energy Dreams become Reality .this is why electronic music is rightly named : Pure Electric Energy I can't describe the next ten or so minutes it is completely your own.

"Mystical Appearance" -- Very Positive space that lets you manifest dream realities in conscience mind. The music feels suspended in air. like white clouds

"Chaque ligne de ta peau fut aimé" is full of reality a bit heavier than the preceding music. It will jog the stillness within the mind perpetrating the intention & truth in your dreams. Solidify or Release? It offers you choice.

"Lost in Passion" is another perfect name for the music. Whether "Lost" or "Found and set with new dreams", the music is very reflective and has elements the reinforce your state of being at this time Wherever you find yourself. This music is also a bit heavier than the first 7 pieces. The sonic space coagulates the free elements in random motion around you. The Energy has dropped considerably and resorts you to maintain your level on your own.

This is the time when the music is the heaviest a sort of test to your will.

SUUUURPRISE! -- the last few minutes lift you back up again and reflect with the energetic sounds that have filled us over the last hour of ambient-trance meditation. Many revisiting samples charge the music with memories. A magnificent collage of samples dance around and pan around the musical landscape.

Recommended Time of Play: Late Evening when you have or desire positive plans for the coming days.

Stars = 100/100

Thank you, Peter Kuhlmann.

(review by [email protected])


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