gbanting's Fax poster recreations

gbanting on Discogs recreated this Fax poster in a vector-based format. There are two poster versions: one with exactly the same text as the original one, and one where some periods were added at the end of the text blurb. For each of those two versions, there are three different file formats: Adobe Illustrator, SVG, and PDF. gbanting built the image from the ground up in Illustrator using only the Fax sans-serif font (ITC Avant Garde) so that it had the highest possible quality. The posters are sized 19.75" x 27.5" (50 cm x 70 cm) as that nicely fit the RIBBA frame (matte removed) from IKEA that gbanting wanted to use. gbanting recommends using the Illustrator or SVG files as they are in CMYK color format, which is best for printing, and says that size manipulation shouldn't be a problem since these are vector images.

I personally think that these recreations are much better than the ones that I originally posted.

Download the posters

Original text

Text with "..."

Thank you, gbanting, for creating high-quality vector recreations of this poster!